The Rule of Benedict
Pope Benedict XVI and His Battle with the Modern World

"The Rule of Benedict" takes the reader from the dramatic moments in St. Peter's Square, when the most unlikely candidate in the conclave was announced as the next pope, and goes back through Joseph Ratzinger's life to decipher how he became Benedict XVI -- and what that surprising journey means for his papacy and for the church. Gibson's earlier book, The Coming Catholic Church, was almost a psychological profile of Catholicism. In the same way, The Rule of Benedict is a psychological profile of the man who heads the Catholic Church. "The Rule of Benedict" is the first biography of Ratzinger as a pope, not just as a priest and cardinal. It is also provides the first in-depth look at the legacy and final days of Pope John Paul, and the first inside look at the politics inside the secret conclave that led to Ratzinger's election. All of this is placed in the wider historical and religious perspective of Catholicism then and now, providing novel insights into the present and future of the Catholic Church.

Praise for The Rule of Benedict ...

"Readers who have been watching the new pope for signals of what his papacy will bring will find this to be absorbing reading." - Publishers Weekly.

"The Rule of Benedict is an exceptionally interesting and illuminating book. David Gibson is a master storyteller, weaving into whole cloth the stories of Karol Wojtyla, Joseph Ratzinger, and the history of the Catholic Church. Every chapter is filled with information, insight, and the unfolding story of the Catholic Church in the 21st century. Gibson holds the reader in suspense to the very last sentence of the book." - James E. Post, co-founder, past president, and trustee of Voice of the Faithful.

"A clear-minded and thorough introduction to the new pope. In this balanced work, Gibson successfully combines biography and journalism to illuminate Benedict XVI, one of the most controversial religious figures of our time...The new pope's most avid supporters may not be pleased, but the average Catholic (or non-Catholic) will find this book worthwhile...An important reference for anyone with an interest in the modern papacy." - Kirkus Reviews.

"In a black-and-white world where the papacies of John Paul II and Benedict XVI have become a Rorschach test for church politics, David Gibson's The Rule of Benedict provides a welcome analysis precisely because of its balance, moderation, and fairness. Moreover, Gibson's book looks well beyond the immediate events of the first year of Benedict XVI's papacy: it is well-informed by the church's history, culture, theology, and philosophy. Readers will learn not only about the church today, but about her past and future, as well." - Christopher M. Bellitto, assistant professor of history at Kean University and author of Ten Ways the Church Has Changed.

The Coming Catholic Church
How the Faithful Are Shaping a New American Catholicism

"The Coming Catholic Church" presents a startlingly clear-eyed look at the impact of the sexual abuse scandals on the Catholic Church and how they have set off a revolution from below that is galvanizing North America's rank-and-file Catholics to bring positive changes to their Church. The Catholic Church is at a crossroad. People on all sides are demanding change, but few are sure how that change can happen. Recent history suggests a powerful minority will block any reforms. In this sweeping assessment of where the Church has been, and where it is going, David Gibson uses his insider's knowledge and sources to reveal the forces that are already transforming Catholicis--from the laity to the besieged priesthood to the papacy itself. The Catholic Church is always changing, but today the need for immediate reforms is more urgent than ever as Catholicism seeks to remain vital to American life and faithful to its authentic mission of following Jesus. This book is an expression of the heartfelt feelings and aspirations of all Catholics, from the people in the pew to the priests in the pulpit, as they struggle to renew their faith and their Church.

Praise for The Coming Catholic Church ...

"David Gibson, a religion writer for a variety of publications and a former correspondent for Vatican Radio, is a convert whose zeal for his new faith is expressed not by intemperate judgments but by incisive observations, a playful wit and a passion for what the author Rosemary Haughton once called 'The Catholic Thing' - the capacious, sacramental religious imagination that operates by analogy rather than linear logic and perceives virtually everything human (including the body and sexual love) as an occasion for a graced encounter with the divine mystery." - R. Scott Appleby, professor of church history at Notre Dame, in The New York Times.

"First-rate." - Lance Morrow in Time.

"Gibson displays uncommon intelligence in The Coming Catholic Church...with cul-de-sacs into church history and a line of set pieces exploring church governance with priests, theologians, lay activists, abuse survivors, Vatican officials and U.S. hierarchs, this book has impressive range." - Jason Berry, author of Vows of Silence, in The Chicago Tribune.

"David Gibson raises his powerful voice to detail what has happened in the Catholic sex abuse crisis and to say what should be done about it...I want to sing loudly the praises of this author and of his important and engaging work...He is an academically informed journalist of the highest caliber." - Dennis Doyle in the National Catholic Reporter.

"Not another entry in the Catholic Church 'scandal' genre, this is instead a prophetic statement about evolving Catholicism that emphasizes the possibilities latent within the current crisis-ridden institution. A lay Catholic who has worked for Vatican Radio and as a religion reporter for various newspapers, Gibson employs his experience and Vatican insider status to author this delicately balanced work... Honest, hopeful, and challenging, this book is highly recommended for larger public libraries." - Library Journal.

"Splendid...Gibson provides a refreshingly well-informed and judicious survey of American Catholic life, from the steadfast but restless faith in the pews, to the numerous troubles that vex the priesthood, to the confusion and defensiveness that lame the episcopate. At ease with an array of sources--reportage and commentary, scholarly literature, his own extensive interviews and research--Gibson ranges widely without being shallow." - Eugene McCarraher in Books&Culture.

"David Gibson has written an insightful, immensely eloquent, candid and compassionate book." - Robert Neralich in The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

"The Coming Catholic Church is a knowledgeable and finely written account of the Catholic circumstance in America. David Gibson represents a Catholic liberalism that wants to be faithful to the Church's teaching, recognizes the failures of liberalisms past, and is appropriately modest in its anticipations of the future. His book can be profitably read in tandem with, and in critical contrast with, George Weigel's remarkable The Courage To Be Catholic." - First Things.

"Stormy conditions can create lively narratives and David Gibson is fully up to the task...Gibson has been at the scene, heard the principals, and interviewed the troops." - Dennis O'Brien in Commonweal.

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